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Paul playing GTA via PS4 ⁦@Twitch
Possession. Available everywhere 3.13.20 oh no
Picked up the mail from my old house for the first time since January and found a surprise!! Thanks @joywave !!
possession aoty
@joywave 💛
Attn: Belgium, the new Joywave record has arrived
𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘢 𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘢
UPS really said ‘let’s keep the signed @joywave vinyl in international carrier for two weeks and then send it to Belgium instead of Switzerland and keep it there’ 😪
I was going to say poor federal health policy but I like yours too
𝕂𝕒𝕥 ||-//
2020 is all about (sitting in front of your tele)vision
Remember when people were like “2020 is all about vision...” in January? Most of them were not correct
Really good album art
Have you seen this man? He stole several packages off the porch of my home in Los Angeles today and then RIPPED my doorbell/camera out of the wall and left with it? Retweet or contact me if you recognize him. I won’t press charges if he returns all of my things
If this gets 1000 RTs I’ll go outside today
Joe Meadows
I was supposed to go see @joywave tonight. I'm definitely looking forward to when concerts are a good idea again.
V pretty
Alex Quarantini
It arrived! Relatively unscathed...
So happy! @joywave
Good morning.
Supposed to be at the @joywave show tonight @MetroChicago Curse you virus.
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The English Channel. A lifetime ago. #cinestill800t
F.E.A.R. is on TikTok now. Have fun 👋
Random, but I've really enjoyed listening to @joywave lately.

Top notch music videos, too:
it's the BOOM BOOM SONG on germany's next topmodel
@joywave get that coin! 💰💰💰
V influential!
Farah 🐱👻
i might not be an influencer but i still wanted to share this embroidery @joywave
If you haven’t watched, highly recommend. You have time:…
jesus, i just watched all the tales of possession by joywave and i’m having an existential crisis
Just out for a drive, enjoying this #viral song everyone keeps #toking about.
There are some things we can keep in a post-pandemic world and touchless garbage plate delivery is certainly one of them
When the heavy part hits in Content and you simultaneously have the biggest grin and start crying because you’re supposed to be seeing @joywave on Tuesday
Chris McLafferty
Trying to find synonyms for content but just keeping finding them for content. @joywave knows my pain.
jacob etheridge
Maybe @joywave is my favorite band.

Yeah, that feels right.
Good morning. Very happy with the progress of our viral TikTok hit #ComingApart so far
This one Toks much harder.
OK here’s “Coming Apart” on TikTok. Make it viral go.
Jesse Heiman
Created my own dance for ⁦@joywave⁩ #comingapart with a little help from ⁦@Starbucks⁩
Wow from 3/13, a prophet!
ok joywave fans next step i’m going to create a tik tok dance to coming apart and it’s gonna go viral if you all just duet me
Who’s a TikTok influencer? I need you to upload “Coming Apart” and make it viral, it’s important.
These very cool new shirts benefit one of our favorite local venues, @BugJarRochester. If you look closely it says “Joywave” real small on the back, along with a bunch of other amazing #ROC artists. Pre-order here:…
HAPPY BDAY 2 OUR VERY OWN @jacobashermusic !!!
There sure is
steve carter
There’s a @joywave song about this
This is not a joke u guys, social distancing is important. Stay inside. Stay safe.…
Happy bday 2 our very own @joeywave_ 2day!
The blem/B-stock signed copies of #Possession are now gone as well. We’ve restocked these several times now, thank y’all so much for loving the new record. Some un-Sharpied factory sealed copies remain:…
Brent Picasso
Sign our online petition to make @joywave 's Blastoffff the theme music for the May 27th's manned @SpaceX crew dragon launch!

Gfx by co-conspirator @evilspirals ! Thanks and help make our crazy idea come true!
Brent Picasso
.@Erdayastronaut I had a crazy idea to inspire @SpaceX to use @joywave 's Blastofff for the theme music for the crew dragon launch.

So I made a petition - what do you think?! :)
Thank you everyone who came to see us in DC tonight, the tour is going well. 📷: @groovgirl
Livestream Fests and @joywave LEGO in progress this afternoon
You always remember your first time headlining @930Club
Alex Quarantini
Grieving another missed concert tonight. Missing Joywave headlining at 930 Club. Love these guys ❤️. Hoping August will happen @joywave @930Club
Adam Chodak
I love that the last track of @joywave’s new album is called Mr. Eastman. Btw, “Like a Kennedy” just keeps getting better to my ear. We’re lucky to call this band our own.
FOR THOSE WHO MISSED OUT ON SIGNED VINYL (again). There were a few blemished copies from cross country shipment. We’ve decided to make these available at a discount. They just have a bent corner or something like that:…
watch full:
Bill Clinton LOVES the band
Possession the new album from Joywave out now
5 out of 7 commercials rn were just about how we’re all “in this together” or we’re “staying connected even though we’re apart”.
why listen to any other of my music when i can just play @joywave ‘s new album on loop forever?
Hot take
#HowDoYouFeelNow? came out FIVE YEARS AGO today. What are some of your favorite #HDYFN era memories?
The only thing getting me through this pandemic is the love and support from all these TV advertisers. Thanks so much u guys ❤️
Bands, get those 15 pass Econolines fixed up ASAP. Great time to tour!…
We’ve just updated our favorite brands list, and have added @FiveGuys for this week! An up & coming burger chain everyone should know about! #top5 #favoritebrands #unsignedbrands
Five Guys
Take a music break! We've updated our "Favorite 5" playlist with some new songs we're enjoying. Stream here: @twentyonepilots @GROUPLOVE @AllTimeLow @tucband @LitBandOfficial
Big tour kickoff tonight, going to be big
possession tour was supposed to start today :( @joywave
Check out our hot new #garbageplate #tutorial over on Instagram live 👋
It went as well as it could have. #TheFloridaTour
A great remembrance of what could’ve been. Thank you @joywave.
🙌 😂
Smash Mouth
Looove what you do Joywave! This is an honor and you're half your age. Get it? Thanks guys!
Credit where credit is due, “Walkin’ On The Sun” by @smashmouth is the most relevant song of 2020.…
Plz look at the @Fender Instagram story 2day, it’s #us
Looks like
Camille Wilson
OMG @joywave I just received notice that your Florida Tour (RIP) shirts were back in stock and the XL was out of stock by the time I went to check out! Your merch is in high demand! I felt like I was rushing to get awesome show seats...remember what those were like? Concerts.
Just watched Flick spend $312K on tarantulas.
In fact. Here’s a picture of us purchasing the flexatone, just in case anyone were to ask about it in the future.
Yes many ppl
ᴍɪʟᴏ ᴋᴇɴ
thank #Coroni for the new @joywave - here to bless this surreptitious circumstance
Yes many people saying this in the past 24 seconds
cameron matthews gainley (charlie heat version)
possession by @joywave is the equivalent of the white album by the beatles :P
You do. Did we take a lunch break and spend an extra hour to go purchase one? Absolutely.
elsa ³ (fuck trump)
okay am i tripping, or do i hear a flexatone in F.E.A.R. ? @joywave
Joywave (@joywave) - Possession #EstrenoSmash
U and me both
In the words of @joywave , I hope the future holds a place where everything's exactly as it was.
2020 AOTY contender arrived today! @joywave #Possession
Even the Easter Bunny is trying to make money off you in this game.
Ben Schwartz
Look at what just came in the mail! Thanks so much @joywave!! This album SLAPS and should be in everyone's quarantine playlist.

(Also I was not expecting a clear vinyl-- never seen one before. Wow!)
“Canada” is the closest I can get 🇨🇦
Trying to analyze the economic system in Animal Crossing. Maybe it’s “benevolent capitalism”, but K.K. Slider complicates things. There is only one Tom Nook-sanctioned artist allowed on the island. Who is Tom Nook to say who can and can’t perform?
Trying to analyze the economic system in Animal Crossing. Maybe it’s “benevolent capitalism”, but K.K. Slider complicates things. There is only one Tom Nook-sanctioned artist allowed on the island. Who is Tom Nook to say who can and can’t perform?
There we are
two real bad eggs
Very cool, a bit early for Christmas🎄
i, truly, do not think my life will be any better than this moment
They are quarantined in a NYC office with no lights on. But they exist.
Hey! @joywave i have a question on the Coming Apart patches... are the deliveries of the patches delayed or something? Any info about it would be helpful! Thanks!
Just got to hear “Agent K.K.” LIVE acoustic. Life changing.
Only concert I’m gonna stream this whole quarantine is K.K. Slider
Only concert I’m gonna stream this whole quarantine is K.K. Slider
B safe! 👏
Dani_Darko 🦋
I have to physically go back into the office today (healthcare, yay!) and blasting @joywave to get me going this morning!
Yes, visualize it
Dr. Otso
Prescription for #PerfectSong #2202, 7 Apr 2020: Coming Apart by @Joywave #PopRock #ElectroPop
Mikaela Davis
Biting into a churro for the very first time at @Disneyland. I had just finished tracking vox for Delivery with @congletonjohn. I miss the outside world... I really want a churro and I don’t even like churros.
📸 @joywave @Kodak
The simulation crashing, now combining multiple trending stories
Eyewitness News
BREAKING: A 4-year-old tiger at the Bronx Zoo has tested positive for coronavirus after coming into contact with a contagious employee:
Just so all social platforms are equal, putting these here. Happy bday @paulwave
Beautiful. Still v stoked on this package.
i don’t think i’ve been this happy in a looong time, thank you @joywave!! 🤩
Bit of good news on the merch front: our online store is able to start shipping again, so no crazy long wait times anymore. Also, A FRESH BATCH of signed #Possession vinyl will hit the store late next week 🤫
Hope you’re all having a safe and isolated evening. It’s @paulwave’s bday at midnight. Send him lots of tweets. Goodnight ♥️
Ty michelle
michelle 🦠
a real shame @JOYWAVE had to release possession so early in the year. like y'all could have at least let other artists think they had a CHANCE at album of the year but i guess not!!
So sad. @paulwave @joeywave_ and I covered “That Thing You Do” for our high school talent show 😢
Adam Schlesinger of pop rock group Fountains of Wayne has died at age 52 of complications related to COVID-19.
He was connected to the KCRW family, and we're remembering him with this live @mbekcrw performance from 1997.
I am the 136th retweet
The Masked Singer
Nothing brings us more joey than a two-hour episode! 🦘

RT if you're watching the Super Nine on #TheMaskedSinger TONIGHT at 8/7c.
You have excellent taste
Stephanie Lesher
Today is my inaugural @Lightning100 DJ Pick! 🥳 I’d like to share with you all Coming Apart by @joywave. I know right now it feels like a lot of things are coming apart at the seams but listening to music like this sure makes it feel a bit better!
Cya tomorrow, internet. Good luck everyone.
Boys in Berlin: A #35mm photo dump from the #beforetimes.
Live unboxing
it just hits different having a physical copy. Don’t just stream Posession, y’all, BUY POSSESSION. Thank youuu @joywave
Shouldn’t this be called “Song A Week”???
Young the Giant
Amidst the quarantine, we have all decided to revisit a song project called “Song A Day.” Every Monday, we begin a song, and hot potato it to the next band member each day, resulting in a complete tune by the end of the week. We figured we’d share this process with you! Every day
Yes rxp colorado springs
RXP 103.9 | Colorado Springs’ Alternative
Looking for something to watch? @joywave created this awesome series!!🤩
Yes molly
The new @joywave album slaps.
Yes pete
⬡ pete ❈
this new @joywave album THOOOO
V cool @Fender, excellent way for the #endusers to #destress 👏👏👏
Let’s play through this together.
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