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So sad. @paulwave @joeywave_ and I covered “That Thing You Do” for our high school talent show 😢
Adam Schlesinger of pop rock group Fountains of Wayne has died at age 52 of complications related to COVID-19.
He was connected to the KCRW family, and we're remembering him with this live @mbekcrw performance from 1997.
I am the 136th retweet
The Masked Singer
Nothing brings us more joey than a two-hour episode! 🦘

RT if you're watching the Super Nine on #TheMaskedSinger TONIGHT at 8/7c.
You have excellent taste
Stephanie Lesher
Today is my inaugural @Lightning100 DJ Pick! 🥳 I’d like to share with you all Coming Apart by @joywave. I know right now it feels like a lot of things are coming apart at the seams but listening to music like this sure makes it feel a bit better!
Cya tomorrow, internet. Good luck everyone.
Boys in Berlin: A #35mm photo dump from the #beforetimes.
Live unboxing
it just hits different having a physical copy. Don’t just stream Posession, y’all, BUY POSSESSION. Thank youuu @joywave
Shouldn’t this be called “Song A Week”???
Young the Giant
Amidst the quarantine, we have all decided to revisit a song project called “Song A Day.” Every Monday, we begin a song, and hot potato it to the next band member each day, resulting in a complete tune by the end of the week. We figured we’d share this process with you! Every day
Yes rxp colorado springs
RXP 103.9 | Colorado Springs’ Alternative
Looking for something to watch? @joywave created this awesome series!!🤩
Yes molly
The new @joywave album slaps.
Yes pete
⬡ pete ❈
this new @joywave album THOOOO
V cool @Fender, excellent way for the #endusers to #destress 👏👏👏
Let’s play through this together.
To get started:
Show me #Possession on ur animal crossing walls
All I need is a record player. Got some of my fave albums displayed in Animal Crossing :B

ft: @PanicAtTheDisco @covettheband @ISO50 @joywave @polyphia
This isn’t real until @DonAlhart delivers it on air.
.@Joywave's new album - out now - is "Rochester-centric”
If you’d like to understand #Possession a bit more plus find out what each song on the album is about, I would rate this video series as “worth your time”:…
Good morning, we accept stimulus checks at the following URL:
Joywave’s new album, Possession, is out now
Signed vinyl is #soldout. Still some regular vinyl though, which saves you $10 and doesn’t have a bunch of stupid writing on the front of it:…

Signed vinyl is live
Heads up, half the signed vinyl is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

Signed vinyl is live
Rewatching Shameless and suddenly @joywave ??? I could have been listening to joywave for years and I missed it????
In #merch news, VINYL IS UP (not signed), a couple footnote ^3 tees, and this beautiful, beautiful, controversial #Florida tee:
I think we can all agree the Florida Tour went off without a hitch. Now you can celebrate at home in isolation, with the #LimitedEdition Florida-themed Joywave tee. Buy low, sell high:…
The journalism 2020 deserves
Business Insider
How an LA band completed a tour around North America in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van
Now donating this amazing beat (I call it Brighton Blues, took me DAYS) to the general public (we all need to do our part!). Calling on @bastilledan fans everywhere to #crowdfund @Woodythedrum recording it in his studio and upload the video to #raiseawareness. Thank you.
Such a deep, deep pocket. Don't think I can compete with that
Hi, our “Tales of Possession” series wrapped up yesterday. If you haven’t seen all the episodes yet, they’re now available in convenient @YouTube playlist form. Take a deep breath. Zoom out:…
Tales of Possession 012: Mr. Eastman
Hey tmw is the final #TalesofPossession vid ✌️
Tales Of Possession 011: No Shoulder

#LP3 #TalesOfPossession #Possession
Not unless it’s an isolation cell party and y’all quarantined for 14 days first
doing the lords work and playing possession at a party @joywave do y’all love me yet
It is solllllllld out :(
🌱matteo moceri🌱
hey @joywave i wasn’t planning on going to the chicago show because i wouldn’t be around in may but now that it’s in september i can and my girlfriend and i really want to go any way we can snag a couple of tickets???
People looking for Joewave v3, it’s now online! Stay home, let the beans come to you:…
Tbh I think on CD it’s only available in Europe. We had a small number of CDs from the U.K. for our preorder packages, but they’re all sold 😢 if I hear anything on CDs I’ll tweet. Vinyl + signed vinyl will be in our online store next week.
Tim Stevens REBORN!
Hey @joywave, can't buy your latest in physical media locally for obvious reasons. Any good online retailers you'd recommend to snag the Possession CD?
2nd most underrated
🌱matteo moceri🌱
Golden State is the most underrated @joywave song
Tales Of Possession 010: Possession

#TalesOfPossession #Possession #LP3
Watch full series:…
narrated by Daniel Armbruster
directed by Jared Asher Harris
Wowowow and @Bandcamp is giving 100% of revenue to artists today. Go scoop this @jacobashermusic song rn.
Jacob Asher
V stoked to see these finally seeing the light of day. A lot of this album almost came out on @JoinCultco in 2016! Take a listen + buy/support @MikaelaDavis:

We are very pleased to bring you #ThePossessionTour in August/September 2020. Does it look a lot like our previously announced tour? Sure. Did we just move the whole thing back? Absolutely. So if you’ve already got tickets, just hang onto them.
Saw @paulwave for a sec today, and we both agreed that this has been the loudest, most positive response we’ve received for anything we’ve done to date. Weird times, I know, but if you’ve been listening or spreading the word so far, tysm:…
Tales Of Possession 009: Blastoffff
watch series:…
#TalesOfPossession #LP3 #Possession
Heads up, another batch of signed vinyl just shipped from us to the online store. Also more LP3 patch art long sleeves. All should be for sale by end of next week 🙏 only 100 records or so though
All random selections from our mailing list 🔥💿🔥💿
Trey Corbett
Yooo @joywave where do I get one of these 🤔🤔 gotta complete the #Possession collection now ya know
Thank you!
I haven't had a song hit me this hard for a while. @joywave everything about the symbolism of the album itself and the lyrics are really profound.
I’m sure all of you have figured this out by now, but all of these cancelations are going to be tough on the touring industry. CREW PEOPLE ESPECIALLY. Two of our crew happen to be musicians as well, so send some streams their way. They get the $$$ for these records...
Tales Of Possession 008: Who Owns Who?

#TalesOfPossession #Possession #LP3
still going @reddit @indie_heads #AMA
AMA still on @reddit
AMA still on @reddit
our AMA w/ @joywave is LIVE! ask questions here:
LIVE NOW @reddit @indie_heads AMA…
Doing a @reddit AMA in 20 mins. Plz join.
Doing a @reddit AMA in 20 mins. Plz join.
👉AMA with @joywave
🗓 Tuesday, March 17th at 11am eastern time
🔍more info:
Congrats to @AndrewYang who was like 6 weeks too early on UBI. Gonna need that now, huh
Makes you wonder what else they’re hiding...
its true because it rhymes
My parents were hiding my @joywave possession vinyl and gave it to me just now. I love them and can't way to play it
tomorrow 3/17 || 11am est @reddit @indie_heads AMA
TUESDAY @reddit @indie_heads AMA

We have been able to successfully reschedule 3 of 4 headline shows (Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando). All previously purchased tickets are valid for new dates.

Tampa - We are very sorry and hope we can make it up in the future.
Now #soldout. Thanks y’all. 150 total
#ComingApart patches are now live. Limited run as always. They may not ship for awhile because we all know why. Selling them now though. Good luck.
#ComingApart patches are now live. Limited run as always. They may not ship for awhile because we all know why. Selling them now though. Good luck.…
Tried to change the Florida Tour to be only 5 tickets per show with $5,000 tickets. Just want you all to know we really fought for you, #Florida.
“Whom” is “catsup”
Michael Tang
me: Who Owns Who? sounds so dangerous and slaps so hard, daaaamn
also me: ...but it should be Who Owns WHOM grrrrr @joywave
Tales of Possession 007: Funny Thing About Opinions
While we all have some time on our hands...

Tales of Possession 006: F.E.A.R.
RT if ur tour is canceled
Seems like YES is the answer. We’ll get these up in the online merch store as soon as we can. With UK/EU shipping options. And how about “Coming Apart” patches. Monday? All will be at the #merchandise link on
Real solid question. From our online store. Specifically that batch of signed vinyl we just did for Possession. If we did another round of signed vinyl for the new record, are there interested parties on here?
I’m sure you guessed by now. I’m sure you know why. And now a message from Joywave‘s agents:
Attn: @CDCgov, can we please add whistling in public to banned activities? Should have been dealt with a long time ago. BLOWING air around a shared space? Polluting my mind with that Steve Winwood song in your head? Nah
Tales of Possession 005: Blank Slate
Takes of Possession 005: Blank Slate
They’re not going to
Not gonna lie, I don't know how any other band is gonna top F.E.A.R. by @joywave. Amazing song, by far my favorite from the new album :)
First with a Ph. D. tho. @RecordingAcad plz record one vote for Joywave
Jeremy Land, Ph.D.
Won’t be the first, nor the last to say this, but @joywave’s new album is Grammy-worthy. Great music from song 1 to song 12. Buy today!!!
Level-or is tight
the mac
new @joywave record is tight
TUESDAY @reddit @indie_heads AMA
👉AMA with @joywave
🗓 Tuesday, March 17th at 11am eastern time
🔍more info:
In the most #Rochester collaboration of all time, #Joewave3 is now available to celebrate the release of #Possession at 8 Rochester area @Wegmans locations. RT if ur @Wegmans
Tales of Possession 000: LP3
Certified released, thank you @RIAA
Tap into the healing power of music this #NewMusicFriday. Check out new 🎶 from @NiallOfficial @JayElectronica @RichTheKid @KianaLede @OneRepublic @JoyWave @Jah9 @GroupLove! 🎧
For lots of us.
Wow @joywave Like a Kennedy is hitting difffferent today.
So so in love with this whole album; it was more than worth the wait! Congrats guys!
New and #improved
betty elena
I honestly didn’t think blastoffff could get any better but GODDAMN was I wrong ... @joywave u SNAPPED
Thanks for talking to us, @billboard…
How did they know that this was the week we would need Posession the most? Time-travelers, the lot of them. @joywave ?!?!
From us to you. Possession is now streaming worldwide 🔎🔎🔎…
Just woke up, opened my eyes, unlocked my phone. Wow. Thanks so much u guys.
i don't like my real name
yo @joywave, i like the new album almost as much as i like hockey, good job guys
1. F.E.A.R.
katelyn🔎 is listening to possession by joywave
i set this reminder the night blank slate came out PLEASE tell us what the official spookiest song off of possession is @joywave
Zach//Banana 🥀— 87 🐝, 95 🐻
hi hello. PSA....if you have never listened to @joywave before in your life...why are we friends? Start now. Start with Possesion...the album is fantastic legitimately! Now go listen!!
This is big wow
Hi, I'm Laura
wow, #possession by @joywave is trending in California!!!
It was! Only a few people noticed. #leak
Coming Apart was worth the torturous wait after hearing it on Shameless. The rest of the album is amazing, too. @joywave #Posession
upon first listen i feel confident enough to say that #Possession is @joywave strongest album yet
Listen very closely to those background vocals on Coming Apart...
📀 Josh Friscic 🚀🔎
For 4 years I've been saying That Home of The Strange by Young The Giant was my favorite album of all time. Congratulations @joywave I think I have a new favorite 👏
Ok 41 mins have passed, if u started at midnight, ur done. Welcome to your new reality
What if the second half is bad...
not even halfway done with the album yet but i have never felt more confident in calling @joywave my favorite band i mf love yall 💛💙🧡💜
One of my favs. Bonkers
F.E.A.R slaps @joywave
U right
madi heath
stop talking about coronavirus and start talking about #posession by @joywave amiright
The most ZOOMED IN track of the record
I’m so glad they picked Like a Kennedy as their first song on this album. It’s definitely one of my favorite songs from them. @joywave
Ya it’s good
Mr Snak3_
New blastoffff remix is sick @joywave
Possession. The third full length record from Joywave. Everywhere. Now.…
Think about how different Earth is since HDYFN came out lol
Hold it right there.
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