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They really worked their A-words off out there tonight. #BillsMafia @BuffaloBills 🙌
But no one wanted Joycoin...
Move over #Bitcoin? PTM COIN is here.
The @BuffaloSabres have had almost as many days off in a row as I have, and I’m so glad one of us gets to go back to work tonight. 💙💛
Obviously a lot of other insane stuff happening right now, but it all starts with this societal vulnerability for bad actors to exploit...
I think it’s worth pointing out that there’s a pretty clear line from 10 years worth of “oh no, my parents are on Facebook” to the events of last week. I didn’t see a whole lot of 18 year olds storming the Capitol.
I think it’s worth pointing out that there’s a pretty clear line from 10 years worth of “oh no, my parents are on Facebook” to the events of last week. I didn’t see a whole lot of 18 year olds storming the Capitol.
Why can I not escape the Watt brothers?
Still shaking. Wow. @BuffaloBills #BillsMafia
Outstanding. I hereby call on @Trevornoah to overturn the results of the Recording Academy’s vote and award best alternative album to Joywave’s “Possession”, which we clearly won!
Recording Academy / GRAMMYs
After thoughtful conversations with health experts, our host and artists scheduled to appear, we are rescheduling the 63rd #GRAMMYs to be broadcast Sunday, March 14, 2021.

More details: https://t.co/JyrHZ7JpQi https://t.co/MoZLLoEEgx
Georgia, I know you know, but go vote today. Turns out it’s a big one for all of us. Wear a mask, be smart, be safe 😷👋🙌
It’s time to make your voice heard, #Georgia! Today is the US Senate runoff election. Look up your polling place, ballot info, and ID laws at https://t.co/1hk8tZu2M4. And don’t forget to bring a mask. Need a ride to the polls? Call 977-524-8863. https://t.co/TlTOLvqDvQ
New patch, available now
Postcapitalist Moneyball
That @joywave CIA collab is FRESH
So sorry to hear this 😢 help out if you can 🙏
Bishop Briggs ☃️
Hey everyone, I am reaching out to ask for help. About 6 months ago my sweet sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer that has now spread to her stomach. https://t.co/0MpmgMs0iZ
Sarah Stewart
I was just at my local chain grocery store @kroger and they played OBSESSION by #1 @JOYWAVE overhead and I called my fiance and CRIED with happiness at him and he's still going to marry me. That's how I know I got a good one.
We did it u guys. We made it through 2020. And I’ve got a great feeling about 2023. #HappyNewYear 👋
Will only accept reviews of 2020 posted this morning or later
Medina Vagusa
My Top 12 albums of 2020.

Placed in a particular order of impact on me as a person, but also, no album is better than all the others.

@gorillaz @joywave @CarolineRoseFM @tameimpala @E_E_ @GlassAnimals @SylvanEsso @HAIMtheband @hindsband @GROUPLOVE @ForeignAir https://t.co/oMGkZE2usM
The New Music Food Truck®
🎉It's the Best of 2020's🎊 Music!🚐#NMFT rolls All Week ft. @HealthyJunkies @Weathersband @joywave @neondreams @TeenageWrist @AugustusBand @butlerwills @E_E_ @kidsinamericaUS @DeclanMcKenna @TheKills @PlagueVendor @AreWeStatic! #SNRTG #HappyNewYear2021 #NewYear2021
We❤️RTs! https://t.co/iJD0RLfO9P
kate ✨
My top three new albums this year are
#3: @DGDtheband - Afterburner
#2: @joywave - Possession
#1: @AllTimeLow - Wake Up, Sunshine
nobody asked but here are my top albums/EPs of 2020 https://t.co/yvaJEyCgnF
Holly Deken³
Top 4 releases of 2020. Because only 4 were worth defining my year & 🔁

4–Tame Impala - The Slow Rush
3–Nothing But Thieves - Moral Panic
2–Best Frenz - 30% Off!
1–Joywave - Possession

@joywave @bestfrenz4life
I love u Brooke reeid
there it is, samantha
Thank you bestie for the Christmas gifts ❤️ peep one of the best records of 2020!! I love u 💕💞🥰 @BrookeReeid https://t.co/8CwmszX6wG
Just spent 4 hours reading this, and I have to say...I’m starting to think we may have made some mistakes 🤔
Jake Tapper
“The Plague Year” https://t.co/fVVtx4kKJj
Last week of 2020 belongs to #ArtDirection! Let's kick it off with @joywave's Obsession.

This #musicvideo won 3rd place in the Best Art Director category.

Art dir.: Dominique Basil, Clara Moutone
Prod. company: Madmeridian
Hollywood Records

#bmva #berlin #music #video #art https://t.co/pVYMoUPLBs
Adam Chodak
This is so sad. He was a wonderful person. Huge charisma. Chose to stay in Rochester despite his fame. Here’s my interview with him not all that long ago: https://t.co/ZeLV0BiWWC
.@JoeBiden plz consider
Mike C
Hey @FortniteGame , how am I supposed to get kills when I get in a car and @joywave -Destruction is playing? Just gonna drive around now. That’s one of those songs that should be illegal to shut off before it ends.
Yes you’ve got it
Watching #WJC2021 ON @NHLNetwork and the commentator just said “content” and “possession” in the same sentence 🙌 🏒
Has anyone tried renouncing their wishes this year yet? 7 days left...
Oh no
🕯️(Goth) Demolition Lover🍷
Enjoy my terribly executed @joywave Christmas cookie :) Merry Christmas https://t.co/ndg4TYvsqj
Sharing this here because I shared the link on Insta, but if you’re ordering coffee online during the pandemic like me, this is a really good choice, yw. I think it’s half Ethiopia, half something else, but CAN recommend.

Whoever buys this masterpiece owes us a tour next time we’re in Vegas
The Best of Zillow
Hey have you guys ever seen that house in Las Vegas with a 15,000 sqft underground bunker built to look like a 1960's ranch?

Yeah, well, it's for sale.
https://t.co/yqIozOdT9a https://t.co/WWMSsfp03d
I assure you any similarities to @bastilledan intellectual property are purely coincidental
I’m trying not to laugh in the background. Thank you. I’ll have to make another Grammy for this @joywave @bastilledan https://t.co/VSTeSEa3R0
Megan Holiday
Some albums & EP’s that helped me get through 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣. ⚡️💚@nick_leng @deftones @joywave @NBThieves @gorillaz @JoshuaSpeers @iDKHOW @fosterthepeople @phoebe_bridgers @beabad00bee @runjewels @GlassAnimals https://t.co/GPL7iPQXZV
Way better version
Austen (ง •̀_•́)ง
Thinking abt the time I saw @joywave and their pre show playlist had just the vocals for Enter Sandman by Metallica
A huge thanks to @JoshAllenQB’s parents, who one can only assume looked at the NFL standings in 1996 and said “let’s make these guys a quarterback”. @BuffaloBills #GoBills #BillsMafia
And now @youngthegiant is #2, plz 4give us Sameer
Timely Candy
I had never heard of @joywave when my wife surprised me with tickets to see @youngthegiant at @WhiteOakMH in 2017. "Nowwwww"...: https://t.co/9Z5tqSc9SY
My Top 9 Albums of 2020
@AllTimeLow @the1975 @yungblud @ladygaga @joywave @WeAreTheUsed @thekillers @MisterWives @neontrees https://t.co/thVU2jRl4l
V cool
Kara ✨
Turning my @joywave sticker set into magnets because sticker anxiety is real and I’d hate to put them on a laptop that may break or a water bottle I may lose✨ https://t.co/TC4RiHh3gt
Lots of fun sounds. Hey, that’s a pretty one. The recording of Joywave’s “Mr. Eastman”. #ThePossessionsSessionsRedux #PossessionSessions
Number 1
"art is subjective and none of it is perfect which keeps it interesting" and "possession by @joywave is an objectively perfect piece of media" are two statements that should and do coexist
#1 most underrated Possession song
bev queen 2: return of the bevs
no shoulder so powerful it requires a content warning... https://t.co/AuKlomEINx
The White Falcon rides alone. No shoulder to cry on.
#ThePossessionSessionsRedux #PossessionSessions
38 seconds. 38 seconds is all the cameras could handle before overheating and disintegrating. Such is the splendor of “Possession”.
What a SHOW @JoshAllenQB, @stefondiggs & co. So fun to watch. Let’s keep rolling @BuffaloBills #BillsMafia 🙌
Ann H
Doubt playing during the Steelers/Bills game makes me so happy my @joywave babies have hit the big time. @danyule_ @joeywave_ @paulwave @jacobashermusic
We should make it a rule, @nbc 🤝
Nick Shaw
Heard @joywave on #SNF with the Bills up against the Steelers #BillsMafia
It’s the @BuffaloBills game. Come on. Let’s finish it off @JoshAllenQB!!!
Zachary Ross
#steelers game playing @joywave doubt heading into break 👀
sad barista dude
possession by @joywave is my top album of the year ngl
Hello hi hello. Do you guys like the live stream stuff? I remain unconvinced but tbh we have not been in a room together since we all waved goodbye to each other at EWR on 3/2/20 and said “cya next week!”
katelyn for you
i would die for some live performances of like....any of the new songs from possession...of any kind...i mean it...but imagine stripped down versions like those ones they did when content came out?
In today’s installment, we invite you into the world of COVID-18 (pre-release beta) and the creation of Joywave’s masterpiece, “Blastoffff”. Tesla coils, field trips, and jokes abound! #ThePossessionSessionsRedux
Where did we leave off in our Possession Sessions Redux series? I think “Who Owns Who?”, does that sound right? Do you like theremin? I hope you like theremin. If you like theremin, let us know in the comments!
Where did we leave off in our Possession Sessions Redux series? I think “Who Owns Who?”, does that sound right? Do you like theremin? I hope you like theremin. If you like theremin, let us know in the comments!

LP3 POSSESSION PATCH: THE FINAL PATCH. Now available. joywave.merchtable.com/accessories/po…

🙏 (#1)
Maybe it's bc I've seen them the most and met them a few times...or bc the music is punchy / lyrics are relatable...or maybe it's something else. Whatever it is, @joywave
is easily my favorite band.

Thanks for existing and helping me find comfort in my own existence guys.
37 minutes from now, these go live. Final LP3 patch
BREAKING NEWS: FINAL LP3 patch drop tmw. Noon ET. You’ve been warned. https://t.co/mLGr6Pf4jh
BREAKING NEWS: FINAL LP3 patch drop tmw. Noon ET. You’ve been warned.
Robin loves Ultraman Ace
Got the #1 album of the year by @joywave for my birthday https://t.co/MgHfUtZoio
It really is
Charleen Colón
I cannot stop listening to this. A fuckin bop.✨ @joywave @LYNNGVNN @ThisIsPVRIS https://t.co/ekJa9DE9na
Shoutout to my friends at #moderna and #pfizer. I’ve got @BuffaloSabres games to get to. And concerts. I guess concerts. #reverseretro @adidas @nhl 📸: @evyn_morgan
Y’all digging these amazing remixes from @ThisIsPVRIS & @nownowband?

Anyone ever encounter any of these @Fender @NHL Telecasters in the wild? Apparently limited to 100 per team, made in 1999. There are no photos of the @BuffaloSabres one in existence apparently...
And I’m so glad there’s a @ThisIsPVRIS remix of this song now too, because I’ll tell y’all what...skipping around Europe with them in February dodging COVID was something we’ll never forget. Did we succeed? 🤷‍♀️
This @nownowband remix plugs the song straight into The Matrix and I love it: hollywoodrecs.co/ComingApart
Fill the content-sized hole in your life this morning with this amazing new #ComingApart remix EP featuring work from @ThisIsPVRIS @LYNNGVNN & @nownowband: hollywoodrecs.co/ComingApart
Jacob Asher
🏁 https://t.co/wsW2OOmGK9
Jacob Asher
ONLY 1🏁 has arrived, loop this shit 4E ♾🔂 https://t.co/wsW2OO55lz https://t.co/Gy5Pm6FGdI
I wish @LYNNGVNN would remix one of our songs
Bug Jar Shows
What fundraiser item are you most excited about? Check them all out here: https://t.co/mhxW1Tw36t

#saveourstages #bugjar #thebugjar #rochester #SupportSmallBusinesses #supportlocalmusic #fundraiser https://t.co/X3bvg2UqKq
The Twitter app just sent me a message that said something to the effect of “we’ve noticed your mentions have become unmanageable, would you like help?”. I clicked no. Real glad that Possession connected with y’all this year. Thx for listening. Keep sharing. Love 2 see it. 🙏❤️🙌
It’s happening to many people
Kempachi Ramasama
Im... Not sure how this happened. @joywave ... How did this happen? https://t.co/X1b9JfYFxO
But 4 real, thanks 2 everyone who got one of these. You’re all top 0.1% in our book ❤️
A Void
Special thanks to @joywave for gettin me through it. https://t.co/NY2eMtAmtr
Can’t we do top artist of the decade again this year @Spotify? Those made me feel much more powerful...
Rochester Mutual Aid Network
This year, on December 1st, donate to local mutual aid efforts across your city and community! Swipe through for a list of organizations and resources in the Rochester, NY area!

(thread) https://t.co/4TCB8GZxG7
If you’ve got a few extra bucks laying around today, Joywave’s original Rochester home has been unable to pay rent or utilities the past few months and could use your support. Up & coming artists need independent venues like @BugJarRochester 🙏❤️

Are you a human who has been trying to purchase #Possession on compact disc but it’s been sold out since Day 1? If we restock the online store do you plan to purchase one?
A very cyber Monday to all of you. 15% off store wide with code MODERNA. Today only. Warp speed! joywave.merchtable.com
all rise for the album of the year @joywave
Has anyone done any research exploring the rise of conspiracy theories in America to content broadcast by @HISTORY? Over the last 20 years they’ve gone from documentary programming to conspiracy programming that looks very documentary-like. Coincidence? Or conspiracy?



*everything is regular price
Thought that one was important to get in
Rediscovering @joywave today and this line is SO good: "you could flex some muscle and thrive here but everytime you're talking about why you can't you bow down surrounded by your fears"
We’ve finally done it, y’all. Black Friday 2020 #doorbuster! #BOGO masks! Exclusively at @StaplesStores! Check out the #fullad #online!
U deserve it, Kara
Kara is going to the sky ⛅️✨
Trying to convince myself I don’t need that @joywave hoodie and sticker set, and its not working. I need it. ✨
Josh Friscic³
Top 10 Albums of 2020 https://t.co/9fAJlxRVDs
Robbie found it, Alexa you’re out
spooky alexa // acab
there’s a dropbox link floating around somewhere... i personally am too lazy to find it but i’m sure someone out there could
If you’re just joining us, we’re discussing Joywave’s classic 77777 mixtape and driving sales for the new merch items. Business is booming!




I just remembered “shaking hands” and lol
U guys, how cool is tour going to be
At noon ET
Ok 2 new merch items tmw then
Ok 2 new merch items tmw then
It didn’t? Not againnnnnnnnnn ughhhhhhhhh u guyssssssssssss
Hi, I'm
It's an absolute crime that @joywave's Possession didn't get nominated for a Grammy.

Anyway, stream Possession.

Had a vivid dream last night that I discovered 2 unopened bags of Joewave coffee in the kitchen cupboard. These are my fantasies now.
I get that touring revenue has disappeared, but at a certain point you’re going to have to give this up, @bastilledan. It’s unsustainable.
Possession by @joywave
Possession by @joywave is an album of the year candidate for me for sure. What are some of your favorite albums this year? https://t.co/tZVIRJG1zI
🌈 Preena
A year today since that London show where danielwave leaned over and sang at me and all I could do was smile like an idiot because I forgot every single @joywave lyric ever
Have an excellent Wednesday
Ollie ☂︎ doing a challenge ☂︎ Mel and Katrina stan
Thinking about how @joywave didn’t say happy birthday to me 🥲
Update here, I can’t believe I’ve lived to see the day we have a 90 rated offense in Western New York. I’m thrilled. Kevyn Adams, I plan to consult you before each move in franchise mode. @hallsy09, we’re going long term... @BuffaloSabres
Let’s goooooo @EASPORTSNHL @NHL #ComingApart #ComingApartbyJoywave #Me https://t.co/gh0Y7CDl7w
Hold it right there.
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