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NEW EP 2 WEEKS 6.25.21
NEW EP 2 WEEKS 6.25.21
NEW EP 2 WEEKS 6.25.21
NEW EP 2 WEEKS 6.25.21
NEW EP 2 WEEKS 6.25.21
NEW EP 2 WEEKS 6.25.21
NEW EP 2 WEEKS 6.25.21
NEW EP 2 WEEKS 6.25.21
NEW EP 2 WEEKS 6.25.21
NEW EP 2 WEEKS 6.25.21
NEW EP 2 WEEKS 6.25.21
NEW EP 2 WEEKS 6.25.21
#content day
Destruction just went #platinum
kit ⧖⁷
#SEONGHWA : Destruction

@ATEEZofficial https://t.co/G6ysBxw5OD
Lots of people asking if there is a Travis Barker collab on #EveryWindowIsAMirror. Legally I can’t tell you that there is, but illegally I’m willing to say anything to get you to listen. What do u guys think?
Artwork! EP arrives 2 weeks from tomorrow. 6.25.21. #EveryWindowIsAMirror
This is awesome. We use a ton of @UAudio hardware and software in the studio. 100% of software sales from the Universal Audio store today go to these three great organizations. Hit the link, shop, help 🙌

Universal Audio
UA Giving Day is today! All of today's UAD purchases will support @savethemusicfdn, @YMF1955, and @NAACP_LDF Political Participation Program.

Last year with your help, UA donated $335,645 to worthy charities. Help us top it this year by visiting the Online Store today.

#UAgives https://t.co/NFE4IFtmf4
EP ARRIVES 2 WEEKS FROM TOMORROW. U READY? Should we post the EP artwork today?
Oh wow
is there large enough of a @joywave community on tiktok bc like these fit too well to not make it a thing https://t.co/cXUQ7yTDDy
And me
Sarah Cooper
Can't figure out where I put my iPod, so I have to rely on the CDs I have in my car for the next 12 hours. Through all the skipping I think I actually heard maybe 20% of this @joywave CD. Pics are just to give @Cuparius severe anxiety. https://t.co/WrBJI6w47p
#1 Emmalee song of the week
Emmalee Owen
Jam of the week:

Every Window Is A Mirror - @joywave

https://t.co/TaKh6oeGxX https://t.co/jwWqrHF6Te
In the sea of fake news over at joywavemusic.com, you’ll find a “subscribe for updates” box. Make sure your current email address is submitted. We’re going to start using that a bit more I think.
Need listener questions for a new lil video series we’re doing. Can be about anything. Put them in a reply to this tweet. Tysm. ❤️
Nicole Alvarez
Los Angeles !!! Today’s featured artists on The Fix on @kroq are @joywave and my guest curator is @MeganHoliday . Tune in at 12:40pm ish . #EveryWindowIsAMirror https://t.co/ZIbGUTdwpe
If the @Avalanche aren’t using “Avalanche Rock” by @TheAvalanches for their in game programming, I’m upset.
We do not, in fact, dare you
Hollywood Records
Screenshot it. @Joywave dares you. 😉 https://t.co/XJkqH9u17i
So is Ashley, Bob
Bob Reiter
Very excited about the new @joywave EP! https://t.co/AWgriluMiE
Who knew
reminder we are 20 days away from the new @joywave EP
And if you haven’t preordered, there’s still time: bestfrenz.limitedrun.com/products/69456…
Best Frenz
Test pressings arrived. Live listening party tmw on Instagram Live at 6:30 PM ET/3:30 PM ET. Karaoke versions sound magical. Cya then. https://t.co/G6GzWlvqIZ
I wish u the best of luck. BACK IN MY DAY (at @StaplesStores) we only had Steve Winwood and the Phil Collins song from Tarzan. #muzak
hey @joywave i’m at work rn (best buy) and they’re playing every window is a mirror👀
It arrived hell yea got me some @joywave stuff https://t.co/N0rvNSqeUV
Our high school local band opened for As Tall As Lions and I’m pretty sure I drove @TheDanielNigro insane with “music biz” questions backstage. Thrilled for his success with @Olivia_Rodrigo, “Stab City” still rules. @AndTheWriterIs
and the writer is
#AndTheWriterIs... @TheDanielNigro! From singer of pop-rock band, “As Tall As Lions” to songwriter & producer, today's guest is quickly taking the world by storm with @Olivia_Rodrigo's record-smashing debut album, sour. Stream Ep. 133 out now🎙 https://t.co/HErSJloxu5 https://t.co/M8Xby5mDMs
A few hot new @Marvel issues this week with some hot new @joywave on the back. Pick them up at your local shop 🙌
Alex Lahey
Fresh month, fresh update
@SorchaRichardsn @thestaves @joywave @jpnswllppr @orlagartland @scareymusic @JessLockeMusic @goodfknmorning
Only 24 days until the new EP arrives! What’s your favorite song on the new EP?

A very Rochester-centric tweet: Primary day is June 22nd, and if you spent the last year in Rochester, you MAY have noticed OR been upset by the way some local leaders handled things. Good news, you get to tell them what you think at the polls! 😀

It is definitely canceled. Hopefully next year. We’ll see what the virus thinks.
power floc czarina
hey @joywave besties is ur tour still happening bc i just saw a refund in my bank account from after dark entertainment and can’t figure out what else it would be from :(
Just found out about the new Twitter “Super Follow” thing, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed my *free* tweets while they lasted, because I’m about to run the most expensive account on this here social network 💰🤠
That’s exactly what I’ve been saying!
Hollywood Records
If you haven't watched @joywave's video for "Every Window Is A Mirror" what are you even doing?? https://t.co/w7PyVg925t https://t.co/lCLLXmr2ES
Watch the whole video in 5 seconds now!

Or watch it in 3 minutes and 4 seconds here: youtu.be/6siBabqVovA

Thank god the turtle was not harmed, Alex from @Discover
🚨 Official music video for #EveryWindowIsAMirror has landed 🚨
💿 New EP drops 6.25.21. 💿
🎸 Festivals appearing on the calendar. It’s all happening… 🎤
That and Grubhub are #1
🏴‍☠️ captain bitchbeard 🏴‍☠️
The @Allstate let's make lots of money 🤬
I just found the “commercials I hate” Reddit and it’s so helpful to know there are others out there who have also had enough of this @Discover turtle commercial ❤️ #youarenotalone
Good news, got a new #ipad to tweet from
Do I really look like this u guys?

Joywave Updates
The EP "Every Window Is A Mirror" from number 1 band @joywave comes out in ONE MONTH https://t.co/rCqrOvPzNU
December 2024. Black Sheep. Put it on the calendar…
X103.9 | Colorado Springs’ Alternative
Hello Monday. Enjoy this Sidetrack from @joywave, “Every Window is a Mirror” https://t.co/chK7kFcvCF https://t.co/Ym73CExN4z
(JUST ANNOUNCED) #BottleRock 2021 single day lineups.

Joywave: Friday Sept 3rd, 2021

1-day tickets on sale 5/27 at 10am pt.
@BottleRockNapa | bit.ly/3yzPk0z
Also it’s good, I’ve seen it!
The Little Theatre
Watching an indie film shot in Rochester at Rochester’s art house theater is a fantastic way to support and show love for independent movies 🍿 https://t.co/Tjl90DvuFp
And now back to your regularly scheduled nightmare fuel.

#EveryWindowIsAMirror 🪟

And finally our friends @GHOSTCOWFILMS who directed the music videos for #Dangerous and #ItsATrip released their debut feature film. They like us so much, they filmed most of it in Rochester. @BigDataBigData did the music! Stars @charlietahan and even a @FrankIero cameo!
Drunk Bus Movie 🚍
Drunk Bus is now available On Demand and Digital, plus select theaters! 🚍 https://t.co/NoBqOG9Q0x https://t.co/kQiEMx4cjV
Our buds in @thedemos (who U may have seen open for us on tour) released this killer new track yesterday as well 🎸🎹
Our new single is now streaming!!!! Take a listen and let us know what you think: https://t.co/A89XWt1Vog
BRAND NEW from our very own @jacobashermusic. If u haven’t streamed this yet, make sure U do. There’s a vid too!
Jacob Asher
STREAM BAD FOR ME!! 🔂🔂🔂 https://t.co/ww0WaKd17M https://t.co/YakGgWUWg9
Hello, we’ve been v busy inundating U w/ music video #content. R U enjoying? Plz enjoy this brief intermission on your Saturday #afternoon
I’m on the left
This tweet is the best $20 I’ve ever spent
It obviously pains me to compliment @joywave but this is such a great video
CHICAGO @RiotFest Saturday September 18th, 2021.
Riot Fest
The daily lineups for Riot Fest 2021 are here—plus, even more bands! Single-day tickets will go on sale today (Friday, May 21) at 12:00 p.m. CDT. Don't snooze... https://t.co/jTS0aAlpQy https://t.co/F4US5G32Gb
The nice thing about a one take video is U just turn the camera on, start singing, melt ur face off, and go home. In & out.

🚨 Official music video for #EveryWindowIsAMirror has landed 🚨
💿 New EP drops 6.25.21. 💿
🎸 Festivals appearing on the calendar. It’s all happening… 🎤
🚨 Official music video for #EveryWindowIsAMirror has landed 🚨
💿 New EP drops 6.25.21. 💿
🎸 Festivals appearing on the calendar. It’s all happening… 🎤
True @Lactaid #sponsor me
Lactose intolerant people when they say "no it's okay, I can have a milkshake" one too many times
i dont think anything could have emotionally prepared me for this music video thanks @joywave https://t.co/qwQI9800sc
happy @joywave new music video day! https://t.co/Yu5BOEhaTM

🪟 The official music video for #EveryWindowIsAMirror has landed. Hit the link to watch. 🪞

💿 New EP arrives 6.25.21. 💿

🎸 Festivals on our calendar. It’s all happening… 🎤

I don’t think so
q/lav ⁴ 🪐
is that cereal leaking from your neck
steve patrick
I see my favorite band, Joywave, is releasing new music video soon. I am very excited.
Just listened to an hour of @joywave and reminded once again of their brilliance, and just how gorgeous the voice @danyule_ is. https://t.co/btBb1hIU5m
Mediabase Charts
Most Added Songs for the Active Rock, Alternative, and Triple A Formats for the Week of May 12, 2021 are "Darkness Settles In" by @FFDP, "Every Window Is A Mirror" by @joywave,.and "Motorbike" by @leonbridges.
(Mediabase / Copyright © 2021 Mediabase) #mediabase #mostadded https://t.co/iRuWqwdA1U
Many saying
Megan Holiday
If you want to greatly improve your living experience I highly recommend listening to the new @joywave 'Every Window Is A Mirror.' It's the perfect "coming out of pandy" tune. #cleanse https://t.co/ZKpLJlUR0Z
EWIAM @altnation @altregan #EveryWindowIsAMirror
Alt Nation
a world premiere from @SaintMotel plus new music from @dairyfuckinfree @KennyHoopla @travisbarker @oscarlangmusic @WinnetkaBowling @joywave @suecothechild @Weezer @AJRBrothers @st_vincent on today's Advanced Placement at 7pE/4pP https://t.co/AVH99OanKL
Seems like ppl are really digging #EveryWindowIsAMirror. V cool. Keep streaming. I just went for a walk and saw the real life version of Million Ants. Look at this.
Sry I was busy making the greatest @koppsmusic song of all time 2day. What’d I miss? @BottleRockNapa! That’s cool, I like shows 🙌🍾🙏
Ty Michael, I will
Michael Grant
Good night everyone. Enjoy @joywave. https://t.co/XzB69Uaywz
couldn’t think of wearing anything more fitting than my @joywave cancellation shirt to get my first dose of the vaccine. 🇨🇦 https://t.co/BHYnAp9lCN
this is how you listen to @joywave right? https://t.co/dzqScY9hxi
CHICAGO @RiotFest 2021 updated lineup. #RiotFest
tickets: riotfest.org/2021/05/21-22-…
. @RiotFest 2021 riotfest.org/2021/05/21-22-…
The @RiotFest 2021 lineup dropped today. 👀 It features @NineInchNails, @SmashingPumpkin, @RunJewels, @FaithNoMore, @DEVO, and many more: https://t.co/phFIyiIG7r https://t.co/r0THhmGWpG
Why is only one of these #pop #stars wearing Transitions Lenses!?!? @MTVNEWS
.@official__wonho featuring @Kiiara, @katyperry's empowering new bop, #ComeThrough by @HERMusicx, and more of our faves on #BopShop
Yes @evandawson 🙌
Evan Dawson
A Friday plea for kindness and empathy.

On this (really absurd) ongoing debate about masking.

Do u guys think “The Fibonacci Sequence” is a good cat name? 🐈
Tysm charlie
Charlie Flowe
What a great song!!! Need more tunes like this!

"Every Window Is A Mirror"
by Joywave @joywave

@Alt1045Philly @amberkmiller
Sometimes ppl avoid the obvious decisions 🤷
JRPatterson ³☘️
I don't see @joywave what kind of 'resort' is this anyway? #bookem
Chatted with @Jackie_Redmond on @NHLNetwork about growing up an @NHL fan, @strombone1 signing a hockey card 6 years later for me via mail, and of course various @BuffaloSabres discussion.

Only one of these is called “Destruction”. I move to invalidate the other 5 and claim the throne which is rightfully ours. #1.
The Extreme Music Enthusiast
The Top 6 Destruction:

6. @Joywave - Destuction
5. Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction
4. @mrkittydm - Destruction of Us
3. The Chemical Brothers - Eve of Destruction
2. @Foxygentheband - No Destruction
1. Faithless - Mass Destruction
#Destruction #DestructionSongs https://t.co/etaZg53NFG
#LifeHack - if you listen to #EveryWindowIsAMirror and #AfterCoffee back to back, you’ll be listening to 50% of the new EP early (doesn’t come out until 6.25.21!). Give it a shot, impress your friends!

I’m not sure if we shared this directly yet, but there is a lyric video for #EveryWindowIsAMirror. All of your lyrical questions will be answered as you sit through a relaxing 3 minute car wash experience…

R U enjoying on this fine #Saturday?

Out of context from last night’s stream, but solid pacing, exactly what we strive for…
alex 🦝
monkie @joywave https://t.co/WOi3YAardb
Thx 4 watching the lil livestream. Whole thing is up on Instagram if you missed it. Appreciate the kind words and sharing of the new song today. Excited to share the next chapter of music w/ U. Goodnight ✌️

Ok, cya on Insta at 7PM ET 👋
I’m trying 2 be respectful with ppl’s timelines 2day vs spamming y’all with ppl saying nice things, but we see the nice things and thank U for saying them.

The LP4 era has begun. New single “Every Window Is A Mirror” out now.
The LP4 era has begun. New single “Every Window Is A Mirror” out now.
Hold it right there.
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