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On this day 6 years ago, #HowDoYouFeelNow debuts, forever changing the trajectory of the Joywaverse. Thx to all who hopped aboard during the ^1 era, which somehow feels like a year ago and a decade ago at the same time. If it’s a recent discovery for you, that’s cool 2 🙏❤️
ALL the greats
Universal Music Group
This playlist, feat. tunes from @JheneAiko, @bobmarley, @tameimpala, @joywave, and more, comes 𝑯𝑰𝑮𝑯𝑳𝒀 𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐝 today. 💨 🎶

Listen now.
↳ https://t.co/ZKbYVwVclS https://t.co/XoTpqsg2nj
I hear a faint sound check happening in the background...

President Biden
Everyone 16 and older in America is eligible for the shot today. Go and get ‘em, folks.
#ROC no appointment needed! Free! 1-5PM today. Everyone 18+ is eligible! 💉
Adam J. Bello
No appointment needed at our #ROC Community Based #COVID19Vaccine clinic TODAY. 1-5pm, any #ROC resident 18+. Help spread the word @DrSteveCook @1039WDKX @MonroeHealth @13WHAM @news10nbc @News_8 @DrMikeMendoza @drnanabennett https://t.co/czfM6DXGOe
STRONG collection
No thoughts just @joywave coffee mugs https://t.co/1Gd1Q9K9Wg
15 months ago. Before it was Western New York’s #premiere vaccine clinic. Go get a 💉. We’d like to play.
Free. No health insurance needed. No appointment needed. Show up 🙌 #ROC
Adam J. Bello
No Appointment needed TODAY, 4/17 or TOMORROW, 4/18 at our #ROC Community Based #COVID19Vaccine clinics. Any #ROC resident 18+ can visit these 2 locations. https://t.co/twpDeOSUTO
Starting my day off right with a cup of #joewave and this new @jacobashermusic track that may be his finest work yet. He’s not lying. He really does wake up first. ⏰

It was rated?
depression nugget 🌹
Possession by @joywave is so criminally underrated.
You’re 100K miles over and you need gas
Finally caught it. Is this good enough to redeem myself or should I buy a new car? @joywave https://t.co/dGzJy4SGsv
Ok Patricia wants me to work on new @koppsmusic goodbye 👋
Hello @traderjoes there is an unruly customer in your store that needs to be removed, plz find Raegan here ⬇️
standing in this Trader Joe’s being publicly roasted by daniel
8 - Music concludes
Justin 🎸 Reeves
This is how it starts:
1- Saw Scott Pilgrim Movie
2- Bought the Soundtrack
3- Really dug @Metric so I bought their albums
4- Saw them in concert in SLC with @joywave opening
5- Really dug Joy Wave's Vibe
6- Bought Joy Wave's album
7- Now a Joywave fan

Music is a fun journey.
Me and @HaydenCoplen saw “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” here, and the theater exterior is IN the movie and I was the only person in the audience who thought it was cool.
Beau Colburn
Wow 😳 https://t.co/ttjoWD68VU
^1 ^2 ^3!
:: Dom ::
I finally have all three @joywave 😍😍😍 https://t.co/vlonpwIkRK
The new tunes are very excellent
Going 2 be a fun year ☕️
𝙹𝚊𝚔𝚎 𝚁𝚊𝚒𝚍𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚗, 𝚊𝚌𝚝𝚞𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢.
I can’t get enough of the new @joywave tune like. Hurry up and release some more tracks lads, before I rinse this one to bits.
Buffalonians, take advantage!
Public Espresso
Free coffee today courtesy of @joywave #AfterCoffee ☕️☕️☕️
Seeing a lot of ppl enjoying a lot of ☕️ this AM ❤️. Stop down to @glenedithcoffee @uglyduckcoffee @fuegobeach or @PublicEspresso in WNY today and grab a cup! #AfterCoffee
Hi. Did you know the pandemic has been tough on small businesses? I bet you did. We’ve prepurchased a bunch of #coffee at a few of our favorite Western New York establishments for your #enjoyment tomorrow though.
Live from @BugJarRochester! Tbh tho in general I feel like artists are usually forgotten about by 🇺🇸 government except on Tax Day...but not this year? I wish #SaveOurStages had arrived a year sooner, but the fact that it exists at all as well as expanded unemployment is 👍
Chuck Schumer
Today is the day that our arts and culture venues can begin to apply for critical relief from the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant.

I worked to include more funds for #SaveOurStages in the #AmericanRescuePlan to make available more than $16B and am so proud to say:

Help is here! https://t.co/5Maf1LPgC7
I’m exhausted @marcrebillet. It’s your world now, I’m just living in it 🤷‍♀️
A big happy 2nd quarantine bday to @paulwave! A full trip around the sun, no trips anywhere else 😷
But most importantly...how are ur #streams coming along?

Non-owners of “How Do You Feel Now?” vinyl...our store only has 8 copies left. There may be a few more boxes laying around in a warehouse somewhere, we will try 2 find, but the original pressing is almost gone. Grab here: joywave.merchtable.com/vinyl/joywave-…
Rochester/WNY, please be on the lookout...
steve carter
This is about my brother. He was robbed at gunpoint and shot at as he fled. His car is still missing, so if anyone sees a white Jetta with Patagonia + Orvis stickers on the rear windshield, please call 911. #ROC
.@joywave found this in a record store, did i miss my window to download the digital album? https://t.co/bq4ClKla34
In other #urgent local news, #Joewave 4.0 is now available at the following Rochester area @Wegmans locations: East Ave, Pittsford, Penfield, Perinton, Webster Holt Rd, Henrietta Calkins Rd, Henrietta Marketplace @News_8 @13WHAM @news10nbc @SPECNewsROC ☕️
This is a bag of coffee beans that you grind and then turn into a cup of coffee ☕️
#Joewave 4.0 has landed! Order now via @glenedithcoffee: https://t.co/6JBfezXK4C https://t.co/apEEGBCQEi
PROBLEMS out NOW💥🥊| https://t.co/4s6TAepUwl • SMALL CITY KIDS UP NEXT🏆 LETS GOOO https://t.co/DJ0aqZjHYw
Of all the terrible things about April Fool’s, perhaps the worst is that whatever idiotic #content you and your #brand #team create today will exist on the internet for years to come, confusing people in the future and breeding even more distrust. I hate it U guys.
If you’re reading this, close your apps. Lock your phone. Hide. The worst day of the year is upon us. See you tomorrow, Internet.
If you’re the PR person for a fun, internet savvy brand, please be warned tmw: False press releases aren’t pranks, they’re just lies, and they are very stupid. Lying is a year round sport, and it’s better left to those of us who do it professionally on here.
Plz someone hit the strobes. They’re on the right hand side under the desk in the sound booth.
Dan Gross
Waiting for Sen. Schumer to start. It wouldn’t be a Bug Jar show if we started on time!

Glad to be back in this space. @News_8

Thread on this coverage starts here. https://t.co/3adUb3iNJ9
He makes $6,250/hr this season. I hope he thinks long and hard about what he’s done for those 48 minutes...
Greg Wyshynski
Connor McDavid fined $5K for elbowing Montreal Canadiens forward Jesperi Kotkaniemi last night.
Hey makes $6,250/hr this season. I hope he thinks long and hard about what he’s done for those 48 minutes...
Greg Wyshynski
Connor McDavid fined $5K for elbowing Montreal Canadiens forward Jesperi Kotkaniemi last night.
Good morning ☕️
Mario Muñoz
This has been on loop recently. Top notch as always. I love you @joywave 🥺

STREAM AFTER COFFEE https://t.co/TZ73pzvWqV
Powerful start
Michael C
Starting to build a vinyl collection

Added @joywave Possession https://t.co/KglbNFiIRY
Many saying
Zach || ??? days till 🎓|| ψ
Okay I’m a few days late in realizing this but better late than never. @joywave really killed it with After Coffee. This is such a great song!
Come on, Connor.
Connor Gunningham
OKAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY the new @joywave song is sick! yes i heard it 10 days later but it doesn't change how fckn good it is!

Tonight 8PM ET(ish) on IG Live. You won’t want to miss it. I have no announcements, no strategy, and no ideas. Thought it might be fun 2 chat tho now that “After Coffee” is out. Join in.
This very special 9th anniversary edition (same as the 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, and 3rd anniversary editions) will be available #exclusively in the Joywave merch store all day long. Use coupon code “FULLPRICE” at checkout.
Sooner or later we’re going to have a Joywave anniversary for every day of the year.

Happy 9th anniversary to #KodaVista. Time flies when you’re not recording with one mic in your parents’ unfinished basement anymore.

Vinyl here: https://t.co/ULXVJwob0X https://t.co/2X3v1svYyY
Sooner or later we’re going to have a Joywave anniversary for every day of the year.

Happy 9th anniversary to #KodaVista. Time flies when you’re not recording with one mic in your parents’ unfinished basement anymore.

Vinyl here: joywave.merchtable.com/vinyl/joywave-…
If u DID listen to “After Coffee” yet...hey thx 🙏
If u didn’t listen to “After Coffee” yet, here’s the #offical link one more time with the fancy choose ur streaming service stuff ☕️

If u didn’t listen to “After Coffee” yet, here’s the #offical link one more time with the fancy choose ur streaming service stuff ☕️

Idk u guys, keep streaming 🤷‍♀️

Why wouldn’t this #exist? Available now. 🕛 ☕️

This seems right
Patrick Sisson
Here it is, my look at live music during COVID for @MRKR , specifically the small club, and the challenges that remain to getting back to some semblance of normal. Why reopneing may be “the biggest shitshow in the history of the entertainment industry.”
You’re 15 hrs early...
Matthew Keys
Look what just came in the mail! Limited-edition "After Coffee" mug. Thanks @joywave!!! https://t.co/4Vcped0ASV
Hi keep streaming 🙏☕️

U have a wonderful #personality
this song with be my only personality trait until further notice. thanks @joywave
nearly the whole @altnation #alt18 hashtag is people voting for
after coffee by @joywave :,~)
These 10 tracks from artists like @lauranhibberd, @joywave, @itsmaxleo and Ellise will get you energized to take on the week.

Look at him. SMILING. At an @LAKings game. In PUBLIC. In late 2019. Guy has no clue.
Brandi is After Coffee
Please make Daniel smile by voting for @joywave after coffee @altnation #alt18 https://t.co/SxX2x2Rtrp
This just in: We are pivoting once again. This time from pharmaceutical manufacturing to higher education. @joywave is one of Western New York’s premiere colleges and accepts tuition checks (large please) from a number of area banks.
For many years RIT students have been able to take music lessons, and now also have the opportunity learn more about the music industry by taking courses focused on artist management, recording, production, and marketing.
https://t.co/XKflP5nJGy https://t.co/2VZ6ja0zoA
Thx 4 all the kind words so far. If you listen to this @GRAMMYMuseum interview I spill what the next few months look like. We’re excited ☕️

Truly an honor just to be eligible
🎥 Watch @joywave discuss their new song “After Coffee” and upcoming EP in a brand new episode of #SpotlightSaturdays with @HollywoodRecs!

⚡ https://t.co/kKUCOsK5QR https://t.co/qERif9UXAe
Really trying to avoid the toast + granola + coffee combo this morning so as not to become a parody of myself. Mug is from @ClintonCenter, coffee is from @glenedithcoffee...

I have a large inflatable golden record you may be interested in
I would pay $1000 to see you guys in a small venue tomorrow. The promoter could probably negotiate a higher price too.
Full length visual + lyric vid

NEWWWWWWWWWWWWW hi @CharlieBarnes 👋
Charlie Barnes
WHOAH WHAT NEW @joywave?!?!?!?!
Wow JACK likes it!
don't normally tweet about music at all, but @joywave have just released a new song and I can't recommend it enough, just trust me on this one guys
Megan Holiday
When dat new @joywave drops and you gotta lip sink for your legacy @rupaulsdragrace stylleeeee. People of the world enjoy life ‘After Coffee.’ I die for this band. ❤️⚡️❤️ https://t.co/GPRen3mtMZ
Thx wyatt
Wyatt Ouray
New @joywave is absolutely stupid good.
Stop scrolling. Take a coffee break.
🪤 who asked for this emoji?
I had one of the hardest days yesterday and then woke up today to new @joywave that really hits hard after what I went through. Thank you so much for this. It was the therapy I needed.
cosmo @ based and fishgilled ⚡
this morning was lovely

[ @joywave ] https://t.co/D2DLEWsy05
My sound was too loud and I jumped
Some basement hockey After Coffee @joywave @altnation #alt18 https://t.co/e7B6pwtTcP
I’m so sry @bastilledan I would never do this 2 a pic of u
Jane is After Coffee
A reminder from king clown, vote for @joywave after coffee @altnation #alt18 https://t.co/K3wAdxLzZT
bryant - preorder Between Perfect and Real
Surprise @joywave is the best kind of Joywave. I think I've listened to this new track at least a dozen times already.
In reverse order
It's #NewMusicFriday and our Top 5 Favs are:
1. @347Aidan - "WHEN THE DEVIL CRIES"
2. @lolayounggg - "Ruin My Makeup"
3. @DraxProject - "Over It"
4. @hayden_james @nattdunn_ @GorgonCity - "Foolproof"
5. @joywave - "After Coffee"
Buy it now
Bought a new @joywave hoodie just cuz these mfs have surpassed my expectations once again.....EXCELLENT.....
I just made more
Rosie ‎
I need more coffee// @joywave after coffee @altnation #alt18
Ur fine
after coffee by @joywave, a summary:
*existential crisis*
*better not*
*back to adulting*
Earth is BACK 🌎
Cris³ BLM
Ok, sorry I’m a bit late to the game, I was nerding out over Justice League pretty much all of yesterday (watched MoS & BvS beforehand).

BUT After Coffee by @joywave has been on repEAT ALL DAY. It’s a banger & is giving me ALL the serotonin. I’ve not felt this good in a YEAR.
Goodnight to @joywave and joywave only for releasing After Coffee
There sure is, Will
Will Cleveland
There’s new Joywave, all.
Not everything is about u kristopher robin
kristopher robin
Where my @dramamine sponsorship at
☼ tushaar ☽
Where my vitamin C ladies at @joywave
You’ve unlocked the lyric video
Justin Kramp
New Joywave!!! https://t.co/n2JKNprBWM
It kinda is, how bout that
Yessss! New Joywave is joyful!
We’ll call it sneaky
𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲 ‎✪
John W. Scafetta
I know I’m severely late to this, but just happened upon @joywave’s website, and it’s quite possibly the greatest band marketing execution I’ve ever seen. Just brilliant. Makes me proud (is that the right word?) to be originally from Rochester.
I’m not a disease expert, but unvaccinated performers and crews + crowds + city to city travel sounds like a super-spreading recipe to me. So why “bring back” this stuff if you’re not gonna take the step of inoculating the people with spreading potential? @NYGovCuomo
But the people who put on these events still aren’t on the vaccine list? 🤔 @NYGovCuomo
But the people who put on these events still aren’t on the vaccine list? 🤔 @NYGovCuomo
News 8 WROC
Concerts, sporting events, shows and more will be able to increase attendance beginning April 1, Gov. Cuomo announced today.
Thanks to everyone who has shared posts, stories, pics, etc about Possession the past few days. Glad so many of you connected with the album and gave it time in your lives.
Hold it right there.
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